Laughter as a Form of Exercise

A recent study looked at the role of laughter as a form of exercise.  The researchers put together a large group of undergraduate students, both men and women.  Their pain thresholds were tested by seeing how long they could tolerate a tightening blood pressure cuff or a frozen cooling sleeve.  The researchers also had them watch funny videos or serious documentaries.

The researchers found that pain thresholds went up after the participants watched the funny videos but  not after watching the serious documentaries.  The reason why the people who laughed could handle the pain better was because the physical act of laughing caused their endorphin levels to rise in response.  This is significant because endorphins are what cause the "runners high" that people experience when exercising.   
Posted on 02/25/2013

Our History and Our Mission

The Anxiety Network began in 1995 due to growing demand from people around the world wanting help in understanding and overcoming their anxiety disorder.  The Anxiety Clinic of Arizona and its website, The Anxiety Network, received so much traffic and requests for help that we found ourselves spending much of our time in international communication and outreach.  Our in-person anxiety clinic has grown tremendously, and our principal internet tool, The Anxiety Network, has been re-written and re-designed with focus on the three major anxiety disorders: panic, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder.  

The Anxiety Network  focuses on three of the major anxiety disorders:  panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social anxiety disorder.

In 1997, The Social Anxiety Association, a non-profit organization, was formed and now has its own website.

The Social Anxiety Institute, the largest site on the internet for information and treatment of social anxiety, has maintained an active website since 1998.  Continuous, ongoing therapy groups have helped hundreds of people overcome social anxiety since 1994.  

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